The School Day

There’s more to Deerpark C.B.S than small class sizes…

Deerpark CBS is the first school in Cork City to move to one hour lessons.

Hour long lessons will benefit your son in numerous ways:

  • Students participate in six hour long lessons rather than nine forty minute lessons – this achieves depth rather than breadth of learning.
  • Six subjects a day also reduces the amount of time wasted by students travelling from class to class.
  • Six subjects a day rather than nine means a lighter school bag!
  • More time for group work. Research proves that students best through active communication with one another.
  • In an hour long lesson, students are more actively engaged in learning through various activities.
  • More time is devoted to allowing the student to think, question and reflect on what is being taught.
  • Hour long lessons allow for greater opportunities to activate the key skills needed to face the challenges of adult life.

The School Day

School starts at 8.45am every day. Students should be in school no later than 8.40 am.

Student attendance is recorded in each class using VSware; parents/guardians are notified of absences by SMS.

 8.45 – 10.45 Students attend two one hour long classes

10.45 – 10.57 Students meet with their Class Tutor

10.57 – 11.10 Midmorning break

11.10 – 13.10 Students attend two one hour long lessons

13.10 – 13.55 Lunch break – students may leave school with parental permission. Students who stay in school may participate in our numerous extra-curricular activities organised at lunch time.

Students who leave school should return no later than 13.40

13.55 – 15.55 Students attend two one hour long classes

School concludes at 15.55 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, at 13.10 on Wednesdays and 14.55 on Friday